Justus Burger

Software architect

With more than 9 years experience in the trenches, I have seen many projects through all stages of development. From small design focused websites, to large enterprise scale applications, I am well equipped and experienced to handle almost anything you can throw my way.

The first 4 years of my experience was mostly focused on server side development using everything from PHP, .NET, Python all the way to Ruby on Rails. But I then switched my focus to becoming a master in the art of UI development. Since then, I have specialized in AngularJS and most recently React.

My weapon of choice is React, Redux, ES6 and Webpack and I believe this will become more and more prominent in years to come.

code Skills


Isomorphic React + Redux

ES6 | Babel | NodeJS | Webpack

react-redux react-router-redux redux-form redux-thunk eslint


Grunt | TypeScript | Usemin

ng-flow velocity-js angulartics ng-touch


Bootstrap | SASS | Photoshop

toastr gulp bower git jquery



PHP + Laravel

Eloquent | MySQL | Redis

codeigniter aws composer phpunit


MSSQL | Entity Framework

nunit nancy vs2016

BackboneJS + Marionette

Lodash | Stickit

shipit karma handlebars jshint


Python + Django | Ruby on Rails

south sqlite

group Experience



Turning the real estate industry on it's head, Leadhome is the first agency in SA to use amazing tech and automation to make the process of buying and selling affordable.

The tech consists of multiple layers of magic. In the front sits a next gen fully Isomorphic React + Redux website. This is served by a .NET API abstracting away integration with a PostgreSQL DB, SalesForce, and a few data providers. The website also consumes a REST API from a custom Wordpress instance serving as an amazing content management platform.

All of this is hosted on AWS and published with a full continues integration system.

Isomorphic React + Redux ES6 + Babel aws webpack Wordpress .NET + PostgreSQL SalesForce

FanAngel LLC


FanAngel is a sports focused crowd-funding platform - imagine Kickstarter meets ESPN. FanAngel enables users to pledge their support to a team or athlete's preferred charity, based on their performance on the field.

Developed UI using AngularJS + Typescript, communicating to a custom PHP + Laravel API. Hosted on AWS using Elastic Beanstalk, S3, Redis and MySQL.

angular typescript aws php + laravel mysql

MiX Telematics


MiX Telematics is the world leader in enterprise vehicle tracking and logistics software.


  • Developed a fleet management web application called DynaMiX, which is used for vehicle position and event tracking by large corporations including Parmalat, Shell, the Belgian police force, and more.
  • Developed an info hub component with a TweetDeck-like user experience for the management of events, jobs, and messages.
  • Developed a fleet administration component enabling users to manage fleet details, servicing records and reminders, vehicle access control, mobile tracking unit configuration, and lots more.
  • Developed a hosting and operations component enabling support staff to create new client databases, manage organisational settings, and more.
  • Developed unit tests to ensure product stability and minimize regression.
  • Provided support for a tracking component enabling users to view current and historical trip data.
  • Developed a notification component enabling users to create custom notifications for vehicle events.

ASP.NET Nancy AngularJS + TypeScript MSSQL + Entity Framework

Psypher PTY Ltd


Psypher is a Web design and development agency specializing in branding and online presence related services. Founded in 2015, Psypher has become quite a sensation because of it's world class services and products.

Designed and developed main company website using AngularJS and TypeScript as UI, connected to Wordpress using the WP JSON API v2 plugin.

angular typescript wordpress php + mysql



byRoeline is a South African based clothing brand boasting a collection of earth-friendly, ethically made lines. From minimalist casual to couture, byRoeline is all modern and sophisticated clothing for adults and kids.

Wordpress custom theme HTML5 + SASS php + mysql


Christ Gen Church


Christ Gen is a Cape Town based church, making a big difference in it's community and area.

Designed and developed main church website by building a custom Wordpress theme, using custom post types and the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

wordpress custom theme html5 + css3 php + mysql

Anza Flooring


Anza Flooring is a Cape Town based company, specializing in the supply and installation of top quality flooring solutions, ranging from luxury carpets to industrial grade laminates.

Designed and developed main company website by building a custom Wordpress theme, using custom post types and the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

wordpress custom theme html5 + css3 php + mysql

Context A3 | iWOMP


iWOMP was a website enabling companies to create campaigns to spread the word on their latest and greatest products. Users had the ability to enter a raffle by giving a shout out to the company on their social feeds.

Designed and developed the iwomp website using Angular + Typescript, consuming a ASP.NET Web API backend. Hosted on Azure.

angular typescript ASP.NET Web API MSSQL + Entity Framework